We believe in the power of the web.

Learning how to best leverage the web in a landscape that’s always evolving is serious work. Our modern web tools, services and platforms exist to help you create an impactful and beautiful online presence, and to help your program stand out and succeed.

Our web experiences are also rooted in university-wide goals set forth by Chancellor Cynthia Larive.

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Why the web matters

Our websites play a big role in informing students’ decision making when they explore and select the best university for them. Our websites also support our entire campus community in discovering and navigating university services and processes. In order to improve the effectiveness of our web landscape, we’re taking a programmatic approach.

Facts and figures



When prospective students research colleges, websites are the most influential source.


digital content

When students choose what program to apply to the program’s web content is the most influential source.


Search engines /

People seek information via search engines and it’s the top way students navigate college websites.


48% of students thought a program wasn’t offered because they couldn’t find it online.

Sources: RNL 2021 High School e-expectations report, Nielsen Norman Group, University Websites, 2016

What if…

We harnessed the power of our websites to convey what’s so amazing about UCSC and advance our goals?

We delivered on the promise from end-to-end and top-to-bottom, ensuring our sites were easy to find, use, and navigate however you got there and wherever you travel across our sites?

Our staff had the know-how, tools, and support to be successful in leveraging the most effective platform we have?

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What’s on the horizon?

The sunsetting horizon over UCSC

Continuous improvements are underway to help you build a great web experience. Explore what projects are right around the corner.


Most divisions, departments, schools, colleges and units will be able to onboard to the new WordPress in Fall of 2022. A more robust and detailed timeline is available via a Miro timeline visualization.

The current timeline of the getting access to the new WordPress CMS

A simplified view of the expected timeline for website owners to onboard to the new Campus WordPress service. Pilot partners are expected to onboard near the end of Summer, 2022. All others are expected to onboard in Fall, 2022. The current Cascade WCMS service is expected to sunset in 2024.

How to get involved

Connect with community

The Web Users Group will be the main source for updates, news, training, and best practices.


How the Web Improvement Program is structured and the decision making process for accountability. 

Provide feedback

Feedback, comments, questions, suggestions, and feature requests are welcome and encouraged.

It’s a process, not a project

The web is always evolving. We should think of our web experiences in terms of ongoing improvement, not just a one time project. Our web experiences need to evolve as well.

In order to meet many of our goals, we should also think about the lifecycle of our web content and how it can best serve our users needs.