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How to navigate the process of developing your UCSC website, which may include updating your existing website, or establishing a new one.

1. Select the right website service

In case you need some help in deciding what website service you might need.

What kind of website are you looking for?

Our recommendation(s)…

Official website for my department, division, or unit

In almost all cases we’re recommending the new UCSC WordPress website service, which is replacing the current WCMS, also known as Cascade.

It’s a great choice for departments, divisions, schools, colleges and units across campus because of its flexibility, ease of use to create, and the to ability maintain great website content.

Before you make the request, it’s a good time to:


An intranet is a great choice to manage web pages involving your internal processes and procedures. Review our guidance on Creating an intranet

Before you make the request, it’s a good time to:

Faculty, researcher, or graduate student website

There are a couple options you can choose from:

Faculty and Researchers
Faculty, graduate students, and research staff can use WordPress to create websites to highlight professional, research, and other scholarly activities.

SlugSites provides any UC Santa Cruz student an easy-to-use web publishing tool to create a personal website with WordPress.

Before you make the request, it’s a good time to:

I’m not sure, guide me

There are a couple options you can choose from which are based on your role at UCSC.

Review our website options and if you’d like more personalized help, please submit a ticket via SlugHub and we’ll reach out to you and help.

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2. Request your website

Once you’ve selected the right service, complete a website request. The Web Services Team will be in contact within seven to ten days to address any questions, and/or update you of your website status, including when you can start working with it.

Request my website

3. Develop your strategy

Start (or continue) to develop your strategy to guide you through your beginning-to-end strategic website planning.

Explore tools, worksheets, templates and more to help get you organized and prepared.

Website Redesign Toolkit

Content strategy is your game plan about how to assess what content you have and whether its working, setting goals, getting buy-in, content development, migrating, and future maintenance.    

How to develop a content strategy

4. Set expectations in moving your website

Get a more detailed view of what you can expect when moving your website from its current content management system, into the new UCSC WordPress service. 

Transitioning your website

5. Explore more ways you can create

Learn how to make it better

Hit the lab. There are multiple learning opportunities to help create a sustainable and effective website, including required training.

Training opportunities

An outdoor art installation featuring an artist creating giant bubbles

See it in action

Review examples of how people at UCSC are making creative and unique website experiences.

Website design inspiration

A bikepath through UCSC

Find answers and resources

Interested in how to do something specific? Explore our guides to help you walk (or bike) through your website questions, anytime you need them.

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