Create an intranet

Steps involved in developing an intranet at UCSC, including what content might go into an intranet, examples of existing intranets, and best practices.

What is an intranet?

An intranet is a private communications network with access restricted to only internal employees. An intranet contains content, tools and information designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. 

Content that might go into your intranet are things that focus on internal business processes for your division/department/unit.

Placing this type of content on your public facing website might lead to a confusing experience for people who are looking for information from you, and come into contact with internal content that isn’t meant for them. 

Creating your intranet

Steps to take to ensure your intranet is useful, usable, and sustainable.

1. Set goals for your intranet.

2. Decide who will be responsible for creating and maintaining content.

  • Intranets may not function without a clear sense of ownership and a strong maintenance plan.

3. Use the recommended tool to develop your intranet

  • Google Sites is the UCSC enterprise tool solution featuring:
    • A low barrier to set up and build
    • No code
    • Ability to restrict access (or make it public if you choose)
    • UCSC intranet template example, found in the Google Sites UCSC template gallery

4. Create your intranet using best practices

5. Communicate to your employees about the intranet

  • A common solution is to link to your intranet in the footer of your public facing website. Then, communicate with employees where that link is. Employees then only need to remember the link is on your public facing website.

Examples of intranets at UCSC

Get help

Do you have questions about where to start? Bring your question to Open Labs, or make a help request via SlugHub.

Last modified: Aug 07, 2023