Launch your website

  1. Two to three weeks before you’d like to launch your website, open a “Website Launch Ticket”
  2. Once we get the ticket, the Web Transition Lead will schedule a pre-launch touch base with the site manager. This meeting will cover:
    • Site launch readiness
    • Technical and process questions you may have
  3. Gather domain mapping/redirects needed
  4. Schedule the date/time of the site launch. We do site launches on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
  5. QA of your website that will happen (Content review, UX review, accessibility checking, link checking, etc.)
  6. What to expect at the time of the site launch
    • Transition Lead to change DNS to cname
    • Make the site public
    • Apply redirects and test
    • We’ll send an email notification to you when the site is live. The security certificate may take 1- 12 hours to register. During this time, your site will be unavailable.
  7. Review of the site manager’s roles and responsibilities
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