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Getting started with design

How to start designing pages in your UC Santa Cruz website.

View other website examples

Find inspiration, and see how your colleagues at UCSC are using the WordPress platform to design creative and unique websites.

Showcase of websites

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Make accessible design choices

The UCSC WordPress theme is accessible-ready, and you will also need to make accessible design choices to make sure everyone gets access to your content.

Creating accessible content

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What can you edit in the UCSC WordPress theme?

You can edit

  • Your site title and tagline
  • Your page content, copy, and visuals 
  • Your page layout
  • Your navigation links
  • Font sizes

You can not edit

  • Breadcrumbs
  • Utility navigation
  • End of page footer

Understanding blocks

Our WordPress version uses a block-based approach. Each piece of content, be it text, images, or other media, is a block.

Blocks can be paragraphs, headings, images, quotes, and more. If it helps, think of the blocks like legos. You can rearrange them any way you like.  

More about blocks

What are your design and layout options?

The UCSC web theme in WordPress makes it easy to mix-and-match a nearly infinite array of design elements and patterns.

Designs and layouts

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Last modified: Mar 27, 2024