Theme release: v3.4.0

This week’s release fixes issues sent to us by pilot partners and other users. This release went out to all CampusPress websites on the evening of October 13, 2023.


  • Google Site Search: Your site’s search results page shows Google search results instead of WordPress search.
  • New pattern: Page header with bottom text bar
  • New pattern: Centered readable length headline and text group


  • 📝 Update pattern categories and reorganize patterns
  • 🎨 Update preview images in banner patterns: use generic images in banner previews instead of UCSC images
  • 🐛 Featured video pattern: We were literally Rickrolling you when you added a featured video pattern to your pages. We stopped doing that.


  • 🐛 Breadcrumbs: fixed the no-title template to not show breadcrumbs.
  • 🐛 Set anchor link scroll position below fixed site header height (#262)
  • 🔒️ Pattern: remove homepage hero pattern from theme
Last modified: Apr 22, 2024