Theme release: v3.5.0

This week’s release fixes issues sent to us by pilot partners and other users. This release went out to all CampusPress websites the week of October 30, 2023.


  • Added Map and Contact pattern
  • Added Grid w/ Background pattern
  • Added Content w/ Left Navigation (sidebar menu) pattern


  • Update Truss component library to v0.7.11:
    • global header background pattern is a gradient again
    • global footer links now include the Land Acknowledgment and Report an accessibility barrier links
    • New slug illustration in global footer
  • Standardized card anatomy, spacing, font sizes, and link behaviors on patterns (Query Loop Card, Card, Card w/ CTA, Card Yellow w/CTA, 3-Column Card Grid, 2-Column Card Grid) and template parts (Post Query Loop).
  • Begin work to transition to core details block, by @Herm71 in #265


  • Anchor link targets obscured by the sticky nav when scrolled to
  • A bug in the way mobile navigation worked
  • Added default alternative text to images in 2 Columns w/Background block pattern
  • Updated default image in Featured Media & Text patterns
  • fix: 🐛 Correct issue of images breaking out of content area when aligned left or right by @Herm71 in #274
Last modified: Apr 22, 2024