Weekly release notes 3.22.23

Updates to the UCSC WordPress theme for the week of March 22, 2023: v. 2.1.4


Here is a quick video highlighting some of the new features in this release. All of the changes in this release are explained below.

New features

Paragraph block ✨

A new style for the paragraph block makes a nice, eye-catching first paragraph on your pages. Use this style to add a summary paragraph to the top of your pages.

List block ✨

Two new styles for the list block let you set alphabetical list item markers.

A side navigation style lets you urn a list of links into a side bar menu.

Two-column layout pattern ✨

Two new styles for the list block let you set alphabetical list item markers.

Start a new page with a two-column layout by dropping the ‘content with sidebar navigation‘ pattern onto a blank page,

Other changes

    • Block(all): introduced pre-configured spacing options (introduced in WordPress 6.1), which improves the draggable control slider in the settings area for every block.

    • Patterns: ✨ Add new content with sidebar navigation pattern

    • Typography: ✨ updated font-size options that follow a “major-second” type scale, with a 16px base font-size. Added two additional font size options, and renamed the options to a numeric naming convention.

    • Layout: content area width increased from 72rem (1152px) to 80rem (1280px) per request from Barretto

    • Layout: we now use the useRootPaddingAwareAlignments setting (introduced in WordPress 6.1) to manage padding on the body tag and edge-to-edge blocks.

    • Typography: headings are now uniformly styled at font-weight 500

Bug Fixes

    • ⚡️ Add flex to body tag and grid to the blocks container to stick both footers to the page bottom

    • ⚡️ Typography: site title is larger than page title

    • The theme is still in development and some changes may be removed from future releases.
Last modified: Apr 22, 2024