Weekly release notes 12.12.22

Updates to the UCSC WordPress theme for the week of December 12, 2022: v. 1.9.0

  • The theme is still in development and some changes may be removed from future releases. Changes that may be removed are marked [Experimental] below.

What’s changed

  • Block: accordion (details element)
    • Styled for use
    • Example of an accordion block, opened with sample text
  • Block: group
    • [Experimental] Tweak waveform background
    • [Experimental] Add two hidden background pattern options
      • .is-style-ucsc-clouds and .is-style-ucsc-waves
  • Block: button
    • Set default padding and fixed border radius
    • An example button with fully rounded corners
  • Typography changes
    • bump up the font scale on the two larger settings
    • adjust heading block defaults to account for the scale change
    • Note: Font-sizes in existing content may need to be adjusted because the two larger font-size settings are now much larger than before.

These changes lay the groundwork for changes we will need to make when fluid typography settings become available in WordPress 6.1.

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