Feature requests

A current listing of requests and improvements for the UCSC WordPress service.

Continuous improvements are underway to help you build a great web experience at UCSC.

Current requests


Description: Request to add slideshow/carousel functionality

Status: In the request queue

Options: MetaSlider and SlideIn are two options that are being evaluated for use with UCSC WordPress websites.

Video Integration

Description: Request for full width into hero/billboard video integration with the ability to turn autoplay on/off for accessibility.

Status: In the request queue

Options: Embedding video is a current function in WordPress

Custom course displays

Description: Allowing the owner to pull specific course from the course catalog to assemble an academic plan.

Status: In the request queue

Images in RSS news feeds

Description: Integrating images into RSS News feeds from sources like news.ucsc.edu

Status: In the request queue. Not available for RSS news feeds at the moment, and will be explored with redesign of news.ucsc.edu

Options: Using featured images in Posts created on your website, and the Post Lists block can generate thumbnail images.

Accessibility updates

Description: Ongoing accessibility improvements are underway to improve the accessibility of the WordPress theme and elements used in the theme.

Status: Ongoing

Search engine optimization

Description: Improvements to optimize the findability of your website in search engine results.

Status: Ongoing

Recent updates