Feature requests

A current listing of requests and improvements for the UCSC WordPress service.

Continuous improvements are underway to help you build a great web experience at UCSC.

Current requests

Accessibility updates

Description: Ongoing accessibility improvements are underway to improve the accessibility of the WordPress theme and elements used in the theme.

Status: Ongoing

Custom course displays

Description: Allowing the owner to pull specific course from the course catalog to assemble an academic plan.

Status: In the request queue

Content Scheduling

Description: Request to be able to schedule future dates for pages and posts.

Status: This is available functionality.

Notes: This applies to an entire page or post. This functionality does not apply to scheduling specific content on an page or post that is already published.

Data tables

Description: Request for data tables functionality to display large amounts of data in a sortable table format.

Status: This request is being evaluated.

Notes: Data tables can easily encounter problems with accessibility and mobile responsiveness. Its recommended to find alternate solutions to these kinds of content layouts.

Images in RSS news feeds

Description: Integrating images into RSS News feeds from sources like news.ucsc.edu

Status: In the request queue. Not available for RSS news feeds at the moment, and will be explored with redesign of news.ucsc.edu

Options: Using featured images in Posts created on your website, and the Post Lists block can generate thumbnail images.

SEO optimizations

Description: Request to add search engine optimized structured data to pages.

Status: The Smart SEO plugin is under review for use.

Notes: In most cases, the best SEO we can deliver is to make sure keywords are included in page titles, page summaries, and in our url structure. Then, by marketing your content by developing inbound links. Source: Moz Beginner’s Guide to SEO.


Description: Request to add slideshow/carousel functionality

Status: In the request queue

Options: Recommend not using carousels, and instead consider other design options. MetaSlider and SlideIn are two options that are being evaluated for use with UCSC WordPress websites.

Video Integration

Description: Request for full width into hero/billboard video integration with the ability to turn autoplay on/off for accessibility.


Options: Embedding video is a current function in WordPress

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