Help with managing and communicating about your website redesign including crafting a communications plan, an editorial calendar, and making the case for getting help.

It’s always a best practice to communicate about why your website will benefit visitors, rather than simply announcing that there is something.

1. Create a communications plan

A website redesign communications plan can:

  • Define your intended audience.
  • Bring clarity about how your website will help visitors.
  • Organize and track the communications you send.
  • Organize where approvals are needed.
  • Organize your goals and how to measure success.
  • Provide stakeholders with transparency on your website redesign plans.

2. Create an editorial calendar

The calendar will help you track things like news topics, events, and when you should update or add content to your website.


Editorial calendar: template Exit website icon
(Google Sheet)

3. Get help with managing change

Your website redesign may involve elements that involve thinking differently about your web presence. Help manage this change by documenting and carrying out a plan that will help others understand and commit to the changes.

This may involve some effort to understand your website’s impact, what improvements might be needed, who will be involved, and how to track your performance.

More communications help

How to make the case to get more staffing to manage your website, outsourcing guidance, and best practices when it comes to writing for the web.

Last modified: Oct 04, 2023