Project kickoff

When you are ready to talk to leadership and stakeholders about the redesign.

Consider this step one of your key milestones. For this step, you will already have completed some discovery work to understand what your website needs are, who the audience is, and what your plan will look like.

Project kickoff presentation slide deck

The slide deck outline includes:

  • What a redesign will do for you.
  • Why a redesign is important.
  • How your redesign is supported.
  • What you get with the new UCSC WordPress platform.
  • Highlights existing issues to improve upon.
  • Scope of the work.
  • What deliverables will be.
  • What the timeline looks like.
  • Who is involved.
  • How to receive feedback.

Use the existing tools including your communications plan, talking points, and other information collected in your discovery process to help complete the information you’ll need in your project kickoff.

Last modified: Oct 04, 2023