• Access to your website analytics
    Google Analytics messaged users on April 2, 2024 noting that Universal Analytics will cease to function on July 1, 2024. There is no action you’ll need to take if you currently use the centralized Google Analytics account set up for UC Santa Cruz websites.
  • Multiple languages on your website
    Web browsers can help translate languages on websites, but they’re not perfect. 
  • Things prospective students want from your website
    Prospective students are one of the key audiences that many of our University of Santa Cruz websites are aimed at, and research shows that higher education websites rarely meet their expectations. 
  • Using acronyms in your website name
    A best practice for your domain name includes a descriptive title that helps people understand what your website is about, rather than an acronym.    
  • Should you use a carousel on your UCSC website?
    Carousels are ineffective and often inaccessible tools to show prioritized content on your web pages. Simplify with a single hero/billboard image with one prioritized message, and update them according to an editorial calendar.
  • This toolkit can help plan your website redesign
    A Website Redesign Toolkit is available to website owners at UCSC to help plan your website improvement. It’s split into seven sections to help guide each step of your design process. 

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Last modified: Aug 22, 2023